AT-OS AWD 655-10 DIN

Manual door model for surgical departments and small central sterilization departments, with 5 washing levels and connection for washing and disinfecting tubular instruments. Large variety of baskets to wash and disinfect all kinds of surgical instruments, included the tubular ones.

Catégorie :


Fully automatic, programmable and Microprocessor controlled:
– 20 standard programs + 20 available for customization. The number
of programs can be customized changing different parameters.
– The user can select a specific program according to his needs.
– The machine has an automatic control system of the spray arms,
which stops the cycle in case of anomalies.
– The continuous monitoring of water pressure and of every washing
parameter ensures the validation of every cycle.

Automatic washing insert recognition:
The machine recognizes which trolley was inserted
and starts the corresponding program, eliminating the
possibility of an error by the user.

Touch panel with color graphic display:
– The unit is available as a single door or a pass-through design.
– Graphic flat screen monitors the parameters of the cycle, all alarms
messages and the user manual.
– Pass-through design has flat screen monitors on both sides.


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