Azteca A-666 Steam Sterilizer Celitron

Azteca A-666 is a fully automatic high-speed pre & post vacuum steam sterilizer.

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Azteca A-666 Steam Sterilizer Celitron

Product Description
Azteca A-666 is a fully automatic high-speed pre & post vacuum steam sterilizer.
This model is an electrically heated sterilizer, which operates with saturated steam as a sterilizing agent, and has a temperature between 121°C (250°F) and 134ºC (273°F) and pressure up to 2.5 bars (36.3 psi).
The autoclave is classified as Class IIb according to MDD 93/42/EEC. The autoclave is designed as a Large Steam Sterilizer in accordance with EN285 and as Class I in accordance with EN60601-1, continuously operated, ordinary equipment without applied parts and without signal input-output parts. The device is not intended for use in the presence of flammable mixtures.

The sterilizer includes the following features:

  • Large capacity sterilization chamber
  • Vacuum pump for evacuation of the chamber
  • Fully automatic door locking system – activated with one button on the display or with foot pedal
  • Water reservoir for process and used water retention
  • Water pump for water circulation
  • Condenser and collector for condensation and collection of water
  • Temperature sensors and a pressure transducer to monitor both vacuum and pressurized states
  • Control valves operating at programmed intervals

The unit is designed to cover a large field of applications for hospital CSSDs, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications.

Inner chamber dimensions W x H x D: 660 x 660 x 740 mm

Chamber volume: 320 Litres – 4 STU

External dimensions W x H x D: 1130 x 1960 x 1010 mm

Max. electric power with steam generator 29 kW, 3 phase, 380-400V – 3 x 63A, 50/60 Hz


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