Luxury Modularization Electric Hydraulic Operating Table HE-608T

This type of operating table combines advanced technology with ergonomics to meet increasingly complex surgical needs , provide patients with safe , comfortable and effective surgical positions , and provide easier operation for medical personnel

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1、Micro-computer control advaced electric hydraulic transmission, replaced the traditional electric push rode transmission technology, so that patient more accurate, more uniform and stable operationspeed.

2、The main parts of the hydraulic system are imported parts, the overall performance is more reliable, durab.

3、The product mattress outer material using conductive PU and seamless bonding process, effectively prevent the production of electrostatic and liquip infiltration, the internal use of dual-materials synthetic memory sponge, can effectively release the long time surgery, the patient’s body and contact with the wound caused by the pressure

4、The base cover is blister molding, beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion, easy to clean

5、Two-section separate leg plate, electric adjustment, left and right leg can run independently, can also run at same time, with outreach and kneeling function, to meet the needs of a various lower extremity surgery.

6、The design of the double joint head plate improves the flexibility of the operating table and improves the comfort degree of the patient in the lateral position operation

7、Carbon fiber material plate combined with longitudinal shift 320mm to match the C-arm, X-ray machine, to provide a good perspective space and accurate picture.

8、Visual remote control , action function , battery charge real-time feedback on the LCD screen . English and Chinese language indicator, easy to operation

9、Four sets of intelligent operating svstem: spare panel. wired LCD controller wireless bluetooth LCD controller(Optional), Wireless bluetooth hand control can be wireless charging, pedal controller ( Optional ) to help the medical staff to easily complete the surgical posture ;

10、One-key composite position operation buttons, can be a one-key to complete the level , positive bend , contrary bend , beach chair . There are 12 sets of body memory functions , can be to save / delete memory functions as doctor required

11、The operating table is equipped with battery and storage device to ensure AC power interruption , can be automatic standby power supply to continue operation , plug in the power cord and then automatically charge ,power requirements 220V 50HZ . Complete functions , easy to operate .

12、Table modular and interface integration , according to operation requirements , the head plate , leg plate and back plate can be assembled to any combination , just a few simple steps , you can easily achieve complex position

Items Parameters
Height adjustment 600mm-1100mm
Tabletop length 2160mm
Tabletop width Without side rails:550mm

Including side rails:600mm


Standard accessories
P-001 Memory foam mattress 1 set
P-002 Manual controller 1 piece
P-003 Lateral support 2 pieces
P-004 Shoulder support 2 pieces
P-005 Arm plate 2 pieces
P-006 Leg holder 2 pieces
P-007 Anesthetic screen 1 piece
P-008 Joint adapter 2 pieces
P-009 Fixer(A type round) 3 pieces


Optional accessories
P-010 Banding tape
P-011 Infusion stand
P-012 Raised arm plate
P-013 U-shaped head support
P-014 Three-point Head frame
P-015 Orthopedic traction frame


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