HE-608M (4 section)

4 Section G-Arm Operating Table C-Arm Carbon Fiber Orthopedic Surgery Table HE-608-M (4 section)

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Using the most advanced microcomputer control and electro-hydraulic transmission system, the product has a unique structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, safety and reliability, and its quality has reached the international level. The design of the unilateral column, the material panel that can be scanned through perspective, the excellent X-ray perspective space and the accurate picture, suitable for urology, thoracic surgery, renal surgery, and all operating departments that need to use C-arms and X-ray machines.



Tabletop Length 2100mm
Tabletop Width 520mm
Tabletop Width ( with side rails) 580mm
Height Adiustment 720mm-1020mm



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