Cost-Effective Electric Hydraulic Gynecology Examination Table HE-609-D01

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1. A unique product designed in line with ergonomics, in the whole process of gynecological examination and operation, it gives patients a sense of security at all times and a sense of comfort in various postures, which meets the requirements of doctors and nursing staff, and has convenient operation performance.

2. The circular arc streamline design conforms to the physiological curve, and the bed surface adopts the mattress designed according to the ergonomic principle. The soft elasticity has incomparable comfort and fashion.

3. Adjustable arc-shaped armrests and pedals, the posture of pregnant women can be controlled at will.

4. The lifting and lowering of the inspection bed adopts imported oil pump and pedal transmission mode, which is easier and simpler to operate. Because this machine adopts a mechanical structure, it is not affected by emergencies such as power failure during use, and it is safer to use. , more reliable and more convenient.

5. The hydraulic system adopts imported oil pump and solenoid valve. The overall performance is more reliable and durable.

6. The mattresses of the whole series of products are made of medical polyurethane, and the molds are integrally formed. The surface is seamless, antibacterial, and easy to clean.

7. The base is equipped with casters to facilitate the movement of the bed table, and at the same time has a locking function, so that the bed surface can achieve ideal stability and safety during use.


Max & Min Height of tabletop 580-980mm
Tabletop  Arc Length 1300mm
Tabletop Width 540mm


Standard Accessories

PUR Mattress 1 Set
Foot Resting Rack 1 Piece
Joint adapter 2 Pieces
Foot Controller 1 Piece
Power Cables 1 Piece
Filth basin 1 Piece


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