Applications:     for capsules, medical
Operation:         automatic, manual
Options:             with printer, high-speed, band, continuous, rotary
Seal width:         12 mm (0 in)
Sealing speed:    9,500 mm/min, 10,500 mm/min (6 in/s)
Power:                 500 W
Sealing temperature:  Min.: 60 °C (140 °F)
                                      Max.: 220 °C (428 °F)
Width:                          260 mm (10 in)
Height:                         220 mm (9 in)
Catégorie :


•7″color LCD capacitive touch screen, graphical user interface, built-in clock and parameters can be set with automatic storage function;

•be an external computer to use a variety of input methods for equipment operating parameters and operators nee d to print, department, item name, and custom and other content without the need to set or change the color touch cont roi screen cornes while the sealing machine Print the appropriate settings content;

•owned printing parameters database, a wireless router can also be used to record the sealing parameters to achi eve eight million times the storage seal and print information to facilitate traceability queries;

•own positive sequence (descending) count sealed counter, the number of user-friendly sealing accurate statistics;

•own print margins, print interval symbols, printing interval length, print control seal serial numbers and other uniqu e features;

•with rapid heating and auxiliary cooling design: equipped with a microcomputer-controlled heating and cooling me chanism,reducing the sealing temperature quickly from low to high or from high in the end of the waiting time, energy ef ficient and meet the operational needs of the fast-paced; trol accuracy ±1%;

•Operating temperature sealing temperature exceeds the set value range ±4X2, the machine will automatically sto p working.effectively ensure the safe opération of the seal of quality and equipment;

•floating constant pressure lamination structure designed to meet the needs of three-dimensional sealing bags and bags of différent



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