Applications:          medical
Operation:             automatic
Configuration:      benchtop
Options:                with printer
Seal width:           12 mm (0 in)
Sealing speed:      10,000 mm/min (7 in/s)
Power:                 500 W
Sealing temperature:      Max.: 220 °C (428 °F)
                                          Min.: 60 °C (140 °F)
Weight:                             18 kg (39.7 lb)
Length:                              560 mm (22 in)
Width:                              260 mm (10 in)
Height:                             220 mm (9 in)
Catégorie :


•4.3 « (95 x 55mm) color LCD display, touch keys, humane Chinese user interface, buih-in clock and automatic storage function parameters;

•device enables the transmission of information via the memory card and USB interface with a computer,printed matters settings, such as through a dedic ated program of aircraft equipped with: sterilizer number,pan times, operators, departments, hospital name and précautions for print broader adjustments or changes;

•microcomputer intelligent temperature control.

•built-sealing machine running Identification (OQ) function can be tested with the sealing device parameters and performance card printing records;

•high-speed heating design, room temperature – 180 °C temperature just 40S;

•auxiliary coohng design, design and temperature settings linkage cooling system. high-temperature sealing to reduce waiting time at low sealing temper ature adjustment;

•using floating constant pressure lamination system designed to meet the paper and plastic bags. paper-dimensional bags,paper bag sealing needs;

•advanced fiat ceramic heating elements can be dry, high temperature. long life, high thermal efficiency

•automatic fault alarm indicator, automatic détection of the working process of the various failure automatic alarm or tips.

•group has three million sealing parameters recordkeeping fonctions conducive sealing quality traceability.

•optional dedicated scanner, you can scan the bar code control opération and sealing machine print. scan input operator,item name, but the convenience a nd safety content and parameters, input opération is correct. Technical Parameters :


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